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Gulf shores AL, Fort morgan Rd.

December 31, 2006

My grandparetns had their own beach house on fort Morgan rd. It was an amazing place.I remember as a young child there were so many mosquitoes and roaches.
Other then those two bugs it is a great vacation spot.Gulf shores


Whidbey Island WA

December 31, 2006

Hi everyone. I live in WA on a gorgeous Island. It is so fun to go hiking and see all the old growth cedar trees. There is a national park here called Deception pass state park. It is the second most visited park in the US.
If anyone wants to plan their next vacation- camping at deception pass is the best vacation anywhere!

Deception state park Whidbey Island

Hello world!

December 29, 2006

Hi everyone. I am Astrea Miller. I have three children and I love life so much. I love hiking and being in Nature, I plan on doing many great thigs this life!!!!!!

THis is me:)