Throw your Tea kettle in the garbage!

Tea kettle from

Please read this, and pass this story on to everyone you know, and then throw your tea pot in the garbage!

I want to tell you a very important story that just happened to me. For the last 3 months I have had a bladder infection, it is not the same as a urinary track infection, but it is similar and it is not fun having it. I went to the doctors, and they tried to help me, but I still could not get rid of it. Then after 3 months of trying to drink as much water as I could, and eat right, my kidneys started to hurt. It was painful on my lower back along with having a bladder infection.

I talked to my mother on the phone and told her what was happening, and she said it sounded like there were tiny minerals trying to squeeze through small entrances in my kidneys and that my body was dong its best to clean and flush the toxins through my body. I began to research the bottles water I drank, and found out it was simply distilled water. Then I realized I do drink 1 cup of tea a day and it was tap water. I picked up my tea kettle and began to wash it out. I had not rinsed it out in about 6 months. Well, much to my surprise as I swished the water around in it, I heard a slight clanging sound. It sounded like coins in there. I rinsed it several times and thin peaces of packed minerals started coming out. Wow! I was drinking concentrated minerals for the last 4 months and that was the reason why I was in pain! I couldn’t believe something so simple as a tea kettle could hut me so much. I threw it in the garbage and tried to tell everyone I knew the story so they would not make the same mistake as I did.  Every day I would pour more water in the kettle on top of the minerals that had collected on the bottom. The water boiled and I drank a nice cup of mineral tea every day. My bladder
infection/kidney pain disappeared about 2 days later.


One Response to “Throw your Tea kettle in the garbage!”

  1. Male Says:

    I love distilled water!!!

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